Four short links: 27 May 2016

Conversational Systems, FGPA Extinction, Natural Language Understanding, and Silly Science Songs

By Nat Torkington
May 27, 2016
  1. Toward Designing a Realistic Conversation System: A Surveyan overview of the most recent works in conversational systems. We classify the current models based on their functional similarities to address common features among the described systems. We also summarize the methods and approaches used by each system, state the systems limitations, and highlight their strengths.
  2. FGPA Extinction Event? — duopoly of manufacturers, one acquired and the other at risk of, to focus on data centers. Currently, Xilinx and Altera were both around $4B in yearly revenue, and each made around $500M in profit. And the projected (and historic) growth rate has only been 7%. Meanwhile, Intel’s revenue from the data center alone was $16B last year, and it’s growing at 11%.
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  4. Three Tips for Getting Started with Natural Language Understanding (Alyona Medelyan) — Your deep knowledge of the business is more important than the best algorithm. (I am an advisor to Thematic, Alyona’s product)
  5. Silly Science Songs — because Friday.
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