Four short links: 27 October 2016

Device Time, Ingenious Hardware, Parsing JSON, and Tech Awesome

By Nat Torkington
October 27, 2016
  1. Family Device Use Plan — American Association of Pediatrics made a guide based on revised data in papers in the Pediatrics journal, which gives you plenty of options about when and where you can return your developing minds to the real world. This guide is best accessed via your mobile phone as you walk along a busy city street with headphones on. (via On Limiting Children’s Screen Time)
  2. Traveling Salesman Problem Solved With Magnets (Stanford) — this is the press release that explains the Science paper. Ingenious computation through lasers, simulating magnetics, representing the constraints to which a solution must be found.
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  4. Parsing JSON is a Minefield — a variation of “the great thing about standards is there’s so many of them to choose from,” JSON is defined in at least six different documents and it just gets sadder from there.
  5. Self-Folding Origami Robots — because there’s not a single word in that title that isn’t freaking awesome by itself and together they’re the Bacon-Wrapped Chocolate-Dipped Deep-Fried Coffee of tech.
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