Four short links: 27 September 2019

Creative Coding, Collective Social Behavior, Programming Language Research, and Social Media Manipulation

By Nat Torkington
September 27, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Intro to Creative Coding — this is the repo, also check out p5.js demos and tone.js demos. (via @mattdesl)
  2. The Dynamics of Collective Social Behavior in a Crowd-Controlled GameWe find that having a fraction of players who do not follow the crowd’s average behavior is key to succeed in the game.
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  4. Recent Programming Language Research (SIGPLAN) — These papers showcase PL [Programming Language] connections to areas as diverse as chemical microfluidics, blockchain smart contracts, and automated debugging.
  5. 2019 Global Inventory of Organized Social Media ManipulationEvidence of organized social media manipulation campaigns, which have taken place in 70 countries, up from 48 countries in 2018 and 28 countries in 2017. Social media has become co-opted by many authoritarian regimes. In 26 countries, computational propaganda is being used as a tool of information control in three distinct ways: to suppress fundamental human rights, discredit political opponents, and drown out dissenting opinions. Again, understand dystopic possible futures for your presently-democratic nation so you design your software to avoid them.
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