Four short links: 28 May 2018

Hypergrowth, Metaphor-Oriented Programming, Zombie Data, and Science Robotics Challenges

By Nat Torkington
May 28, 2018
  1. Productivity in the Age of Hypergrowth — good tips and perspective on scaling engineering teams as companies ramp up hiring.
  2. Homespring Programming Language ReferenceHomespring uses the paradigm of a river to create its astoundingly user-friendly semantics. Each program is a river system which flows into the watershed (the terminal output). Information is carried by salmon (which represent string values), which swim upstream trying to find their home river. Terminal input causes a new salmon to be spawned at the river mouth; when a salmon leaves the river system for the ocean, its value is output to the terminal. In this way, terminal I/O is neatly and elegantly represented within the system metaphor. It’s a (joke) metaphor-oriented programming language that makes my eyes water.
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  4. Engauge DigitizerExtracts data points from images of graphs. This creates zombie data (the data were dead and interred in a graph, now they’re almost live again). Beware …
  5. Grand Challenges of Science Robotics(i) New materials and fabrication schemes; (ii) Biohybrid and bioinspired robots; (iii) New power sources, battery technologies, and energy-harvesting schemes; (iv) Robot swarms; (v) Navigation and exploration in extreme environments; (vi) Fundamental aspects of artificial intelligence; (vii) Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs); (viii) Social interaction; (ix) Medical robotics with increasing levels of autonomy; (x) Ethics and security for responsible innovation in robotics.
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