Four short links: 29 April 2019

Technology Radar, Influencers Dropping, Stuff That Matters, and Reverse Engineering

By Nat Torkington
April 29, 2019
  1. Thoughtworks Technology Radar (PDF) — an interesting rating system for a bunch of different tools, techniques, platforms, and languages/frameworks.
  2. Influencers are Abandoning the Instagram Look (The Atlantic) — According to Fohr, 60% of influencers in his network with more than 100,000 followers are actually losing followers month over month. “It’s pretty staggering,” he says. “If you’re an influencer [in 2019] who is still standing in front of Instagram walls, it’s hard.”
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  4. Lunch with Alan KayWhat it comes down to is: are you trying to do science? Are you trying to invent a good future for humanity? Alan’s definition of science is still too large to fit into my head, but I can see his reverence for it and the pioneering scientists of our past. […] For me this lunch felt like a reckoning. It was as if (to be clear: this didn’t really happen), Alan clapped his hands loudly in my face, shouting “Wake up! Wake up!”, and then turned me away from the flame everyone else was transfixed by and onto a helicopter ride to give me a glimpse of all the other perspectives that I should consider.
  5. Jane Manchun Wong — writeups of details of app features, using knowledge gained by reverse engineering those apps. Fascinating!
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