Four short links: 29 April 2020

Game Theory, Disinfo, Ransomware, and Debugging Tales

By Nat Torkington
April 29, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. podpaperscissorsFrom the classic “prisoner’s dilemma” to more obscure coördination games, Pod Paper Scissors takes game theory out of the dry textbook and into the real world. … Each episode will feature different kinds of games and situations. Experts in a variety of fields will casually converse with the hosts about how the particular game discussed applies to their work. Some episodes feature original music inspired by the topic at hand. The podcast is hosted by game theorist Ben Klemens and science journalist and composer Liz Landau. (via Ben Klemens)
  2. Verification Handbook (3ed) — latest guide to investigating disinformation and media manipulation, covering identifying actors, investigating platforms, tracking ads, etc. (via Craig Silverman)
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  4. Ransomware Groups (Microsoft) — analysis of ransomware campaigns yields this report, which includes a great graphic taxonomy of ransomware payloads.
  5. Bug Stories — great tales of bugs and bug-hunting from the past.
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