Four short links: 29 August 2017

Hardware Security, Streaming SQL, GAN Successes, and Blame to Accountability

By Nat Torkington
August 29, 2017
  1. Titan in Depth — Google’s new chip that tries very hard to guarantee a secure foundation for the booting and operation of a larger computer. The steps they take are incredible. The Register has a version that’s somewhat more intelligible to non-security folks.
  2. KSQLa streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka. Open source. Blog post helps you understand the use case. KSQL runs are continuous queries—transformations that run continuously as new data passes through them—on streams of data in Kafka topics. In contrast, queries over a relational database are one-time queries—run once to completion over a data set—as in a SELECT statement on finite rows in a database.
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  4. The Best Uses of Generative Adversarial Models — they’ll blow your mind.
  5. Moving from Blame to AccountabilityAccountability comes from clear contracting, ongoing conversations, and an organizational commitment to support accountability rather than blame. The contracting focuses on tasks to be accomplished, roles to be taken, processes to be used, standards sought, and expected results.
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