Four short links: 29 July 2016

Embedding Learning, Kickstarter Value, Summer Reading, and UX for Beginners

By Nat Torkington
July 29, 2016
  1. Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs (HBR) — Rather than try to cram all this into a set of formal or informal learning programs, the company built an app, which looks more like a game than a learning system. It is designed to give people the basic information they need before they even come to work, then later add social connections, coaching sessions, and videos that help them on the job, and even encourage them to share what they’ve learned online. Essentially, it mirrors and supports the journey map created during the design-thinking process.
  2. Kickstarter Economic Value Estimated at $5.3 Billion (Guardian) — For every dollar pledged by a project’s backers, another $2.46 is generated in extra revenue for the creator, and Mollick estimates that, in total, Kickstarter has generated more than $5.3 billion of economic value for project creators.
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  4. YC Summer Reading — more good reading lists.
  5. UX Process for Beginners and Those Who Need Refresher (O’Reilly) — what it says!
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