Four short links: 29 September 2017

Self-Funding, Floating Point, Tech Careers, and Directed Graphs

By Nat Torkington
September 29, 2017
  1. Things Learned While Running Your Own Self-Funded Startup7. If you have a product that a very large company really wants, they’ll still do everything they can to delay purchasing it for the market price. They’ll try to hire you or your partner(s) away individually, or they’ll wait as long as possible to see if you encounter hard financial times and go under. They won’t come and just offer to license your product or buy you out until they’ve exhausted all other possibilities. Amen! And double-amen to this: Our long-term roadmap is based off what customers are actually doing with our software right now.
  2. Floating Point Visually Explained — a very understandable explanation of how floating point numbers are represented in binary. As the Hacker News commenters pointed out, A much easier and better way to understand floating point is to just do it in base 10. But I think you still need an explanation like this to get to “just do it in base 10.”
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  4. Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, and Employee — talks about pro and cons, successful strategies for each. This Founder downside is so on the money: Incredibly stressful. Even success hurts.
  5. dgsh — the directed graph shell.
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