Four short links: 3 December 2018

Amazon and OSS, Audio to Keystrokes, The New OS, and Software Sprawl

By Nat Torkington
December 3, 2018
  1. Amazon is Competing with Its CustomersWhat’s more, Kreps said, Amazon has not contributed a single line of code to the Apache Kafka open source software and is not reselling Confluent’s cloud tool. Sometimes Amazon contributes back, but increasingly often it seems like its software MO is exploitation not co-creation. This is what prompted the creation of various “open except if you resell it as a cloud service”-source licenses, like the Commons Clause.
  2. kbd-audiotools for capturing and analyzing keyboard input paired with microphone capture.
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  4. Kubernetes is the OS That Matters (Matt Asay) — provocative clickbait title, but the point is important: if single-machine apps are the exception, then the lowest layer of critical shared software is no longer the OS but instead the cluster manager.
  5. Software Sprawl, The Golden Path, and Scaling Teams with Agency (Charity Majors) — good talk on how to recover from “we’re using too many shiny tools, and it’s hard to make progress because there’s no common set of tools, so everyone’s reinventing the wheel, and omg fire.”
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