Four short links: 3 January 2020

Portable Scripts, Training Actors, Cyber Law, and Government Data

By Nat Torkington
January 3, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Chesterton’s Shell Script (Pete Warden) — those who forget Perl’s are doomed to recreate it. “Congratulations, you’re not running Eunice!”
  2. Light (Facebook AI) — a large-scale fantasy text adventure game research platform for training agents that can both talk and act, interacting either with other models or with humans. (Via introducing blog post.)
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  4. International Cyber Law in Practice: Interactive ToolkitAt its heart, it consists of 13 hypothetical scenarios, to which more will be added in the future. Each scenario contains a description of cyber incidents inspired by real-world examples, accompanied by detailed legal analysis. The aim of the analysis is to examine the applicability of international law to the scenarios and the issues they raise.
  5. UX of Bushfire Maps (Ellen Broad) — classic government map/data problem: each state/agency has its own map, showing its own view of the world, and they don’t even use the same symbols. Which makes life miserable for people who don’t care about the org chart, they just want to learn something their government knows — like whether their house will burn today. (Via Merrin Macleod.)
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