Four short links: 3 March 2017

Product Prototyping, Web Server, Privacy Settings, VR Standard

By Nat Torkington
March 3, 2017
  1. Superior Product PrototypingMost people increase their effort and focus as the product develops and they find issues they need to fix or address, peaking at the moment right before you ship. Although this is sometimes unavoidable, this is not what you want to do. Making changes at the end of development is far more difficult, dangerous and costly than in the beginning.
  2. Caddy Web Server — two features caught my eye: no pain LetsEncrypt https, and can pipe stdin and stdout from any program to WebSocket clients. (via Taylor Swift)
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  4. What (or Who) Is Public?: Privacy Settings and Social Media Content Sharingless than half of the participants in our data set (864) show multiple privacy settings across their six provided posts. Age and gender are the biggest predictors. Data set available on GitHub. (via Casey Fiesler)
  5. OpenXRworking group—previously known as the Khronos VR Initiative—creating an open and royalty-free standard for VR and AR applications and devices. Samsung, Oculus, Google, Steam, and Unity are all in the consortium, so perhaps this is the Last VR Standard We’ll Ever Need[tm].
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