Four short links: 3 May 2019

Knowledge Graph, Volumetric Viewer, Neutral Painting, Weird Codes

By Nat Torkington
May 3, 2019
  1. Beam — eBay’s open source distributed knowledge graph store. (via eBay tech blog)
  2. NeuroglancerNeuroglancer is a WebGL-based viewer for volumetric data. It is capable of displaying arbitrary (non axis-aligned) cross-sectional views of volumetric data, as well as 3-D meshes and line-segment based models (skeletons). This is not an official Google product. Open source. A live demo is hosted here.
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  4. Neural PaintersWe explore neural painters, a generative model for brushstrokes learned from a real non-differentiable and non-deterministic painting program. […] Finally, we present a new concept called intrinsic style transfer. By minimizing only the content loss from neural style transfer, we allow the artistic medium, in this case, brushstrokes, to naturally dictate the resulting style. Source available (in CoLab notebooks no less). (via Reiichiro Nakano)
  5. Real and Strange ICD-10 Codes (John D. Cook) — Some of the ICD-10 codes are awfully specific, and bizarre. For example, V95.4: Unspecified spacecraft accident injuring occupant; V97.33XA: Sucked into jet engine, initial encounter; V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter. Your reminder that no classification system survives contact with the weirdness of reality.
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