Four short links: 3 November 2016

Safe Code, Defeating Face Detection, Data Fail, and Concept Graph

By Nat Torkington
November 3, 2016
  1. Rules for Writing Safety-Critical Code — like all general rules, you can find a situation to break each of these, but they’re great defaults.
  2. Accessorize to a Crime (PDF) — We define and investigate a novel class of attacks: attacks that are physically realizable and inconspicuous, and allow an attacker to evade recognition or impersonate another individual. We develop a systematic method to automatically generate such attacks, which are realized through printing a pair of eyeglass frames. When worn by the attacker whose image is supplied to a state-of-the-art face-recognition algorithm, the eyeglasses allow her to evade being recognized or to impersonate another individual.
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  4. 10 Ways Your Data Project is Going to Fail — you don’t have the right knowledge, you don’t have the right people, you don’t even have the right data. Let’s give up and climb back up the trees, it’s all been a terrible mistake.
  5. Microsoft Concept Graph — concepts and categories, built off Probase from Microsoft Research. Knowledge in Probase is harnessed from billions of web pages and years’ worth of search logs, an example of useful data exhaust from an unrelated app.
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