Four short links: 30 October 2018

AI Animations, Dataflow Apps, Decensoring with AI, and FPGA Programming

By Nat Torkington
October 30, 2018
  1. A Mixed-Initiative Interface for Animating Static Pictures — this looks awesome!
  2. Noria: Dynamic, Partially-Stateful Dataflow for High-Performance Web ApplicationsNoria makes intelligent use of dataflow beneath the SQL interface (i.e., dataflow is not exposed as an end-user programming model) in order to maintain a set of (semi-)materialized views. Noria itself figures out the most efficient dataflows to maintain those views, and how to update the dataflow graphs in the face of schema / query set changes.
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  4. DeCensoring Hentai with Deep Learning — I already don’t like where AI has taken us, and we’re nowhere near SkyNet yet.
  5. Spatiala high-level programming language for FPGAs.
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