Four short links: 30 September 2019

CLOUD Act, Ethical Consumption of Bits, TV Tracking, and Long Projects

By Nat Torkington
September 30, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Stamos on CLOUD Act — cogent and informative set of tweets (words I never thought I would say) from Alex Stamos, with context for the latest piece of Internet regulation to get alarmist and wrong media coverage.
  2. Migrating from CloudflareThis is pretty cool, and it’s why I’ve used Cloudflare for a few years. However, I don’t really like Cloudflare. I don’t like how they protect hate forums, where mass shootings are planned; I don’t like how they have grown to the point where a huge portion of the internet’s total traffic flows through their infrastructure; I don’t like how un-seriously they treat their responsibilities. So, I wanted to move off. More datapoints for the emerging Ethical Consumption of Bits.
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  4. Three Recent Papers on the Tracking in TVs (Arvind Narayanan) — Here’s a doozy: Roku has a “Limit Ad Tracking” option. Turning it on increased the number of tracking servers contacted 🙃 . It did prevent Roku’s AD ID from being leaked, but a whole bunch of other unique IDs are available. Even Pi-hole wasn’t that effective at limiting tracking. (via Hacker News)
  5. Strategies for Long Projects (Ben Brostoff) — Relentless, irrational optimism is the only attitude that works.
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