Four short links: 31 October 2017

AI for Databases, One-Pixel Attacks, Adtech Uncanny Valley, and Mindreading Video

By Nat Torkington
October 31, 2017
  1. Inference and Regeneration of Programs that Manipulate Relational DatabasesWe present a new technique that infers models of programs that manipulate relational databases. This technique generates test databases and input commands, runs the program, then observes the resulting outputs and updated databases to infer the model. Because the technique works only with the externally observable inputs, outputs, and databases, it can infer the behavior of programs written in arbitrary languages using arbitrary coding styles and patterns.
  2. One-Pixel Attack for Fooling Deep Neural NetworksThe results show that 73.8% of the test images can be crafted to adversarial images with modification just on one pixel with 98.7% confidence on average.
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  4. Facebook Is Not Listening To You — but we are deep in the adtech uncanny valley.
  5. Recovering Video from fMRI — the video and stills are impressive. (Still a blurry black-and-white picture and a set of guessed possible labels.)
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