Four short links: 31 October 2018

Who Gets What, Kindle Notes, Advertising in Young Children's Apps, and Hidden Data

By Nat Torkington
October 31, 2018
  1. Rethinking Who Gets What and Why — Tim O’Reilly’s latest talk. Read the presenter notes for the meat.
  2. Klipbookconvert highlights and notes on your Kindle to nice HTML, Markdown, or JSON.
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  4. Advertising in Young Children’s Apps: A Content AnalysisOf the 135 apps reviewed, 129 (95%) contained at least one type of advertising. These included use of commercial characters (42%); full-app teasers (46%); advertising videos interrupting play (e.g., pop-ups [35%] or to unlock play items [16%]); in-app purchases (30%); prompts to rate the app (28%) or share on social media (14%); distracting ads such as banners across the screen (17%) or hidden ads with misleading symbols such as “$” or camouflaged as gameplay items (7%). Advertising was significantly more prevalent in free apps (100% vs 88% of paid apps), but occurred at similar rates in apps labeled as “educational” versus other categories. Many things happening online that were prohibited for children’s TV in the 1970s. (via BoingBoing)
  5. JPG with a ZIP (Twitter) — the image in this tweet is also a valid ZIP archive, containing a multipart RAR archive, containing the complete works of Shakespeare.
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