Four short links: 4 June 2020

GANs, Detecting Generated Text, Workflow, and Open Source Business

By Nat Torkington
June 4, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Ears to Facesour goal is to generate a frontal face image of a subject given his/her ear image as the input. It’s … astonishing.
  2. GLTRa visual forensic tool to detect text that was automatically generated from large language models.
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  4. Moving Work From Push to Pull — A small Phoenix Project-type story for something that isn’t software. This caught my eye: Studies of new product development organizations in the consumer electronics and motorcycle industries suggest that R&D systems often have three to five times as many projects in progress as they have capacity to complete.
  5. The Business of Open Source — Adam Jacob’s excellent advice on how to commercialise your open source project. 1) produce a product based 100% on open source code. 2) be the sole distributor of that product, based on your trademark, under whatever commercial terms make sense for your business. 3) encourage and collaborate with folks who want to build alternative distributions. I asked him to unpack various bits of this to make sure I understood it, and I think you’ll find it a short yet interesting read.
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