Four short links: 4 October 2018

Autonomy and UI, Replicating ML Research, FPGA Dev, and Standard Notes

By Nat Torkington
October 4, 2018
  1. UI for Self-Driving Cars — I’d never thought about it, but Ford has: how does a self-driving car signal its intentions to humans (and/or other autonomous vehicles around)? Through our testing, we believe these signals have the chance to become an accepted visual language that helps address an important societal issue in how self-driving vehicles interact with humans.
  2. Reproducing Machine Learning Researchthere’s good news—reproducibility breaks down in three main places: the code, the data, and the environment. I’ve put together this guide to help you narrow down where your reproducibility problems are, so you can focus on fixing them.
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  4. Open Source FPGA Dev Guide — in case you’ve been curious about kicking the tires. (Yes, I know FPGAs don’t have tires, please don’t write in.)
  5. Standard Notes — what to use if you’re nervous about entrusting your data to someone else’s product roadmap (EverNote or OneNote or Keep). Free, open source, and completely encrypted. Ticks all the boxes: 2FA, automated backups to cloud storage, versioning, cross-platform (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux), offline access…
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