Four short links: 5 April 2018

Interactive Notebooks, Molecule-making AI, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Javascript Motion Library

By Nat Torkington
April 5, 2018
  1. MyBinderTurn a GitHub repo into a collection of interactive notebooks. (via Julia Evans)
  2. Molecule-Making AI (Nature) — The new AI tool, developed by Marwin Segler, an organic chemist and artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Münster in Germany, and his colleagues, uses deep learning neural networks to imbibe essentially all known single-step organic-chemistry reactions—about 12.4 million of them. This enables it to predict the chemical reactions that can be used in any single step. The tool repeatedly applies these neural networks in planning a multi-step synthesis, deconstructing the desired molecule until it ends up with the available starting reagents. (via Slashdot)
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  4. Interpersonal Dynamics — The list of common corrosive dynamics rang true: bone-deep competition; fear of being found out; my reality is not the reality; it’s no fun being the squeaky wheel; feedback stays at the surface; denial that work is personal.
  5. PopmotionA functional, flexible JavaScript motion library.
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