Four short links: 5 August 2019

Innovation Policy Toolkit, Differential Privacy, Ethically-Aligned Design, Low-n Learning

By Nat Torkington
August 5, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Toolkit of Policies to Promote Innovation (Journal of Economic Perspectives) — We discuss a number of the main innovation policy levers and describe the available evidence on their effectiveness: tax policies to favor research and development, government research grants, policies aimed at increasing the supply of human capital focused on innovation, intellectual property policies, and pro-competitive policies. In the conclusion, we synthesize this evidence into a single-page “toolkit,” in which we rank policies in terms of the quality and implications of the available evidence and the policies’ overall impact from a social cost-benefit perspective. We also score policies in terms of their speed and likely distributional effects. (via Marginal Revolution)
  2. A Brief Tour of Differential Privacy — lecture slides from a CMU course. Content warning: Comic Sans.
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  4. Ethically-Aligned Design, 1ed — read online. The most comprehensive, crowd-sourced global treatise regarding the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems available today.
  5. n-Shot Learning — brief overview of machine learning from zero, one, or a handful of examples.
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