Four short links: 5 December 2019

New Old Infocom, TikTok Privacy, COBOL Conference, and Difficult Conversations

By Nat Torkington
December 5, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Rediscovered Incomplete Infocom Text Adventure: Hypochondriac — download link in the video description. Discovered by Adam Summerfield by rummaging through the directories of the Infocom Hard Drive. It’s not finished and it crashes, but wow—that’s like finding a new Shakespeare play. (via Renga in Blue)
  2. What TikTok Reports About You, and How (Matthias Ebert) — great Twitter thread where he shows how TikTok tracks you and where the data goes. I learned heaps, including Canvas Fingerprinting. They draw an image in the background using vector graphic commands. Afterward, they save the image to a rasterized PNG. This data is quite unique among different devices, depending on settings and hardware.
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  4. COBOL Day — a conference for COBOL developers, in Italy. It’s a skill with immense employability.
  5. Practice Difficult Conversations (Lara Hogan) — details how to practice hard conversations, and how to have them. Includes sample situations to roleplay.
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