Four short links: 5 February 2018

Company Principles, DeepFake, AGI, and Missing Devices

By Nat Torkington
February 5, 2018
  1. Principles of Technology Leadership (Bryan Cantrill) — (slides) what cultural values and principles do you want to guide *your* company? (via Bryan Cantrill)
  2. Fun With DeepFakes; or How I Got My Wife on The Tonight Show — this is going to further erode trust. How can you know what happened if all evidence can be convincingly faked? (via Simon Willison)
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  4. MIT 6.S099: Artificial General IntelligenceThe lectures will introduce our current understanding of computational intelligence and ways in which strong AI could possibly be achieved, with insights from deep learning, reinforcement learning, computational neuroscience, robotics, cognitive modeling, psychology, and more. Additional topics will include AI safety and ethics. Worth noting that we can’t build an artificial general intelligence right now, and may never be able to. Don’t freak out because of the course headline.
  5. Catalog of Missing Devices (EFF) — Things we’d pay money for—things you could earn money with—don’t exist thanks to the chilling effects of an obscure copyright law: Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA 1201). From “third-party consumables for 3D printers” to an “ads-free YouTube for Kids,” they’re good ideas.
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