Four short links: 5 January 2017

Crowdsourced Phone, Social Network Analysis of Literature, Sterling and Lebowsky, and Narrative Patterns

By Nat Torkington
January 5, 2017
  1. Crowdsourced Phone Gets Release Date and Price — September, $199, and the two features from the crowdsourced list of “what could we put in a mobile phone?” are eye-tracking navigation and an adhesive case that lets you stick it to surfaces.
  2. Comparative Social Network Analysis of Irish and British Fiction, 1800-1922 — they just added Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man on the anniversary of its original publication.
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  4. State of the World — Sterling and Lebowsky go again. Not that I forgive them for cyberspying, but really, getting kicked out of a country is such a personal drag. You’ve got to sell your house, get rid of your car, fire the babysitter, fill out all kinds of stupid international paperwork… One minute you’ve got a plum job in Washington, a weird foreign power where things are just getting lively and interesting, and the next day you’re packing a valise like some goddamn Syrian refugee. Just because you’ve been spearphishing VCs, CEOs, and Congressmen, whatever. Sure, it’s sneaky and against the host country’s national interests, but were you supposed to NOT do that? You’re in the freakin’ diplomatic corps! It’s an existential condition.
  5. NAPA Cards — narrative patterns. I’m not sure it’s useful, but even making me go “are these really examples of the same category of thing?” is making my brain work in interesting ways.
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