Four short links: 5 March 2018

Face Recognition, HR and Automation, Sustainable Software Development, and Interaction Analysis

By Nat Torkington
March 5, 2018
  1. Accessorize to a CrimeWe define and investigate a novel class of attacks: attacks that are physically realizable and inconspicuous, and allow an attacker to evade recognition or impersonate another individual. We develop a systematic method to automatically generate such attacks, which are realized through printing a pair of eyeglass frames. When worn by the attacker whose image is supplied to a state-of-the-art face-recognition algorithm, the eyeglasses allow her to evade being recognized or to impersonate another individual. (via Quartz)
  2. No-Collar Workforce — the HR challenges posed by the addition of automation to a white-collar workforce.
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  4. Oncall and Sustainable Software Development (Charity Majors) — Services need owners, not operators. […] If I ask a room of folks who among them works on building software, and then ask the same room which of them are part of the oncall rotation, I should see about the same people raising their hands.
  5. Look Who’s Talking — some nice NLP and graph structuring of the interactions in the NZ Parliament, which might be applicable to your favorite corpus of interactions (Slack, email, etc.). See also slides.
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