Four short links: 5 March 2019

CEO Personality, Adult Development, Big Idea Famine, and Neuron Imaging

By Nat Torkington
March 5, 2019
  1. Strategic Decisions: Behavioral Differences Between CEOs and OthersAll subjects participated in three incentivized games—Prisoner’s Dilemma, Chicken, Battle-of-the-Sexes. Beliefs were elicited for each game. We report substantial and robust differences in both behavior and beliefs between the CEOs and the control group. The most striking results are that CEOs do not best respond to beliefs; they cooperate more, play less hawkish, and thereby earn much more than the control group. (via Marginal Revolution)
  2. Robert Keegan’s Theory of Adult Development — interesting set of stages: selfish/transaction; weak sense of self/strongly influenced by others; emotionally aware and strong sense of personal value and belief system; and able to continuously grow by adopting, adapting, and discarding mental models and “identities.” Found it via YC Startup School’s excellent How to Win lecture by Daniel Gross, which also included the mantra that “sleep is a nootropic.”
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  4. Big Idea Famine (Nicolas Negroponte) — I believe that 30 years from now people will look back at the beginning of our century and wonder what we were doing and thinking about big, hard, long-term problems, particularly those of basic research. They will read books and articles written by us in which we congratulate ourselves about being innovative. The self-portraits we paint today show a disruptive and creative society, characterized by entrepreneurship, startups, and big company research advertised as moonshots. Our great-grandchildren are certain to read about our accomplishments, all the companies started, and all the money made. At the same time, they will experience the unfortunate knock-on effects of an historical (by then) famine of big thinking. (via Daniel G. Siegel)
  5. CalmAnan open source library for calcium imaging data analysis. […] CaImAn is suitable for two-photon and one-photon imaging, and also enables real-time analysis on streaming data. […] We demonstrate that CaImAn achieves near-human performance in detecting locations of active neurons.
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