Four short links: 5 May 2016

Giphy Pro, Harvesting Robots, Network Ethics, and Music Transcription

By Nat Torkington
May 5, 2016
  1. Giphy Wants All the GIFs (Backchannel) — they’re licensing legit high-res metadata-rich GIFs from content producers, wanting to become a real search engine. The description of metadata problems on user contributions is interesting. GIF tags were incredibly spammy (“every teenage kid tags everything ‘One Direction’ and ‘Bieber,’” gripes Chung), and many of the GIFs themselves were low-quality due to file-size limits on popular sites such as Reddit and Tumblr. And there was a ton of porn. They were forced to manually clean it up, adding good metadata and using Mechanical Turk to get rid of the NSFW files.
  2. Sweeper Robot — project to build sweet pepper harvesting robot. (via RoboHub)
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  4. Workshop on Ethics in Networked Systems Research (SIGCOMM) — it’s about ethics in networked systems research.
  5. Music Transcription Modelling and Composition using Deep Learning (gitxiv) — We build and train LSTM networks using approximately 23,000 music transcriptions expressed with a high-level vocabulary (ABC notation), and use them to generate new transcriptions. With source.
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