Four short links: 6 July 2020

Better Conversations, Multicore OCaml, Validation, and Tabular Data

By Nat Torkington
July 6, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Debubble — I like that people are trying software like this, to bring out our better angels.
  2. Parallel Programming in Multicore OCaml — A glimpse at how OCaml is handling parallelism. There’s a lot to learn from the paradigms of “weird languages”.
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  4. Language Independent Validation Rules — Multi-language supported validation rules. The two languages that matter the most? Javascript and whatever you’re using on the backend.
  5. TaBERTTaBERT is the first model that has been pretrained to learn representations for both natural language sentences and tabular data. These sorts of representations are useful for natural language understanding tasks that involve joint reasoning over natural language sentences and tables. A representative example is semantic parsing over databases, where a natural language question (e.g., “Which country has the highest GDP?”) is mapped to a program executable over database (DB) tables. Applying ML to database systems is interesting.
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