Four short links: 6 Nov 2020

Hardware Security, Ubooquity, Noisepage, and Technical Debt

By Nat Torkington
November 6, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Dealing with Security Holes in Chipssystem security starts at the hardware layer.
  2. Ubooquityfree home server for your comics and ebooks library. “Like plex for books.”
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  4. Noisepagea relational database management system developed by the Carnegie Mellon Database Group. The research goal of the NoisePage project is to develop high-performance system components that support autonomous operation and optimization as a first-class design principle. Also interesting in databases this week: a rundown on Procella, YouTube’s analytical database.
  5. Technical Debt — Where I first found this excellent description of technical debt, by Ward Cunningham: “If you develop a program for a long period of time by only adding features but never reorganizing it to reflect your understanding of those features, then eventually that program simply does not contain any understanding and all efforts to work on it take longer and longer.”
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