Four short links: 6 September 2016

Early Modern Software Engineering, Self-Sailing Boats, Deep Learning Framework, and Artistic QR Codes

By Nat Torkington
September 6, 2016
  1. No Silver Bullet (A Paper a Day) — If the conceptual components of the software development task are now taking most of the time, then we must consider attacks that address the essence of the software problem. Brooks offers us three recommendations that still speak to us today: reuse, incremental development, and investing in your software developers. And remember that Brooks was writing almost 30 years ago!
  2. Robot Sailboats Scour the Oceans for Data (NY Times) — At least 20 companies are chasing the possibly quixotic dream of a self-driving car in Silicon Valley. But self-sailing boats are already a real business.
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  4. Baidu’s Paddle — Baidu’s deep learning framework, open-sourced.
  5. Artistic QR CodesIt can generate common qr-code, black&white artistic qr-code, colorful artistic qr-code, and animated qr-code.
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