Four short links: 7 August 2018

Azure Kubernetes, Systems Neuroscience, Facebook's TLS, and Speech Benchmark

By Nat Torkington
August 7, 2018
  1. Horrors of using Azure Kubernetes Service in Production — a cautionary tale.
  2. Systems Neuroscience is About to Get BonkersTwo advances are making the impending data surge an important issue to address now. The first is the advent of widely available, low-cost recording technologies that are easy to use, such as the Neuropixels probes. […] The second is the maturation of deep learning, a catchphrase for a collection of very powerful artificial neural network concepts, along with the software and hardware that power them.
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  4. Fizz — Facebook’s TLS 1.3 implementation, open-sourced. (via Facebook blog post)
  5. stt-benchmarka minimalist and extensible framework for benchmarking different speech-to-text engines.
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