Four short links: 7 July 2020

Scifi Terminal, Detecting Tampering, Wireframing, and Work Schedules

By Nat Torkington
July 7, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. eDEX-uia fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor that looks and feels like a sci-fi computer interface.
  2. Announcing Microsoft Freta — Microsoft have a service for detecting evidence of OS and sensor sabotage, such as rootkits and advanced malware, in memory snapshots of live Linux systems.
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  4. PlaceholdifierTurn any website into a live wireframe.
  5. Work Schedules(1) How does my organization’s scheduling practices affect employee effectiveness and well-being? (2) Can we better align our work schedules with the needs, desires, and personalities of our employees? (3) What are the implications of creating customized schedules or giving employees more control over their schedules? (4) Can we effectively balance the needs and desires of both the organization and employees? With links to research on each concern.
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