Four short links: 7 March 2019

Privacy Exercise, Tragedy of the Commons, Program Repair, and Privacy != Safety

By Nat Torkington
March 7, 2019
  1. Privacy Exercise (Twitter) — Professor Kate Klonick gave her students a great exercise to teach them about deanonymization, “if you have nothing to hide,” etc. (via BoingBoing)
  2. The Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Commons (Twitter) — Matto Mildenberger succinctly points not only to the critiques of Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” idea, but also to the other ideas of the man himself. Now, lots of awful people have left noble ideas that outlive them. But in Hardin’s case, the intellectual legacy is largely built on top of his racist, flawed science that we still treat as gospel and uncritically assign in undergraduate courses year after year.
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  4. SimFixAutomatically fix programs by leveraging existing patches from other projects and similar code snippets from the faulty project. If automated program repair interests you, you should know about (via Hacker News)
  5. Zuck Thinks Encrypted Message Will Save Facebook — no mention of misinformation, doxxing, or any of the other evils on Facebook’s core platform. Instead, a move to end-to-end encrypted communication, where Facebook can’t monitor the contents. Feels like The Problem was defined as “we have to police content” instead of the pain actually felt by users.
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