Four short links: 7 October 2016

Five Eyes, Product Aikido, Disrupt Distrust, and Cultural Advice

By Nat Torkington
October 7, 2016
  1. I Spy Documentary — a documentary on the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance. cf The CIA talking of leverage […]the instrumentation of the globe.
  2. Product Aikido — product management through a different lens than the usual “CEO of the product” rah-rah. Product development is an extreme trial of moral and intellectual strength and stamina. Any view of the nature of product development would hardly be accurate or complete without consideration of the effects of fear, obligation, guilt, and shame, as well as numerous cognitive biases, on those who do the work. However, these effects vary greatly from case to case. Individuals and people react differently to the stress of product development work; a situation that may demoralize one person or team may only serve to stiffen the resolve of another. Human will, instilled through fellowship and mutual support, is the driving force of all action in product development.
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  4. The Gulf Between The Governed and The Governing (Vice) — this would be an interesting problem to disrupt: what will build trust between the bureaucratic elite and the consuming public?
  5. Ask a Female EngineerTry to make sure from the beginning that you are hiring women. Try not to get to a place where you have hired 10 engineers and they are all men. It’s harder to retroactively adjust your company’s culture so that it’s female-friendly. This x100.
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