Four short links: 8 August 2017

Better Bloom Filter, AI Future, Adversarial Benchmarking, and Civilized Discourse​

By Nat Torkington
August 8, 2017
  1. A General-Purpose Counting Filter: Making Every Bit Count — like Bloom filters, but faster, resizable, you can delete items, and more. (via Paper a Day)
  2. Jeff Dean’s AI Lecture for YC — not just a good intro to modern AI, but a glimpse at how Google sees the future playing out.
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  4. CleverHansA library for benchmarking vulnerability to adversarial examples.
  5. Civilized Discourse: But How? (Jeff Atwood) — You have to have those rules because if no one can say what it is you stand for, then you don’t stand for anything. Anything is now fair game, technically.
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