Four short links: 8 February 2018

Data for Problems, Quantum Algorithms, Network Transparency, and AI + Humans

By Nat Torkington
February 8, 2018
  1. Solving Public Problems With Dataan introduction to data science and data analytical thinking in the public interest. Online lecture series. Beth Noveck gives one of them. (via The Gov Lab)
  2. Quantum Algorithms: An OverviewHere we briefly survey some known quantum algorithms, with an emphasis on a broad overview of their applications rather than their technical details. We include a discussion of recent developments and near-term applications of quantum algorithms. (via A Paper A Day)
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  4. X11’s Network Transparency is Largely a FailureBasic X clients that use X properties for everything may be genuinely network transparent, but there are very few of those left these days.
  5. How to Become a CentaurWhen you create a Human+AI team, the hard part isn’t the “AI”. It isn’t even the “Human”. It’s the “+”. Interesting history and current state of human and AI systems. (via Tom Stafford)
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