Four short links: 8 January 2018

Old Unix, Differentiable Programming, Systems Change, and Resilience

By Nat Torkington
January 8, 2018
  1. v7/86a port of UNIX* Version 7 to the x86 (IA-32) based PC, is now available. Most of the source code is under a Berkeley-style license.
  2. Deep Learning est mort. Vive Differentiable Programming! (Yann LeCun) — An increasingly large number of people are defining the network procedurally in a data-dependant way (with loops and conditionals), allowing them to change dynamically as a function of the input data fed to them. It’s really very much like a regular progam, except it’s parameterized, automatically differentiated, and trainable/optimizable.
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  4. Better Philanthropy Through Systems ChangeOur focus should be more on solving problems through creative collaboration, and less on the establishment and perpetuation of new institutions. In addition, we need to develop and employ system entrepreneurs who are skilled in coordinating systematic approaches to addressing the complex, large-scale problems of our time. In case you’re thinking of doing Stuff That Matters. (via Jo Allum)
  5. Loss, Trauma, and Human Resilienceresilience in the face of loss or potential trauma is more common than is often believed, and there are multiple and sometimes unexpected pathways to resilience. A thought to keep you going through the dark hours at work. (via Rolf Degen)
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