Four short links: 8 January 2019

Visual Attention, Git Server, Cryptocurrency Security, and Strategy vs. Tactics

By Nat Torkington
January 8, 2019
  1. Implicit Model of Other People’s Visual Attention as an Invisible, Force-Carrying Beam Projecting from the Eyes — I wonder how that affects VR/AR interaction design. Here we report that people automatically and unconsciously treat other people’s eyes as if beams of force-carrying energy emanate from them, gently pushing on objects in the world.
  2. OneDevThe opinionated but practical self-hosted git server. Interesting set of pro features for power users. The product manager in me always says, “cool, but how do you compete with GitHub and GitLab? Any useful features can be copied by their armies of developers. Features are not defensible.” Good luck to ’em, though. (And if this is open source, they don’t need to “compete” in a classic way; winning can be whatever the developers want it to be.)
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  4. Successful 51% Attack on Ethereum Classic — though, as Sam Minnée said on Twitter, “Ethereum Classic is the Windows XP of Ethereum.” This as Bitcoin is less secure than most people think: As an example, Budish shows that if the attacker has just 5% more computational power than the honest nodes, then on average it takes 26.5 blocks (a little over four hours) for the attacker to have the longest chain. (Most of the time it takes far fewer blocks, but occasionally it takes hundreds of blocks for the attacker to produce the longest chain.) The attack will always be successful eventually; the key question is what is the cost of the attack?
  5. Pirate’s Take on Strategy vs. Tactics — useful to give to That Person on your team who misuses the words.
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