Four short links: 8 July 2016

Farm Data, AI Mortality, Great Visualization, and Doing Social

By Nat Torkington
July 8, 2016
  1. The Land Grab for Farm DataIt’s time we put farmer data rights up front, in clear language that establishes who owns the data.
  2. Death and Suicide in Artificial Intelligence (PDF) — A technical subtlety of AIXI is that it is defined using a mixture over semimeasures that need not sum to 1, rather than over proper probability measures. In this work, we argue that the shortfall of a semimeasure can naturally be interpreted as the agent’s estimate of the probability of its death.
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  4. 12 Complex Concepts Made Easier Through Great Data Visualization — they’re wonderful, but I wonder how many will still be alive and working five years from now.
  5. Things I Learned Working at Serial — incredible run-down of how the social media manager for Serial approached her job.
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