Four short links: 8 May 2018

Infrastructure Testing, Algorithm Check, Parallel Texts, and Dead Pixels

By Nat Torkington
May 8, 2018
  1. Open Sourcing Terratest: a Swiss Army Knife for Testing Infrastructure CodeTerratest is a Go library that makes it easier to write automated tests for your infrastructure code.
  2. Questions to Ask Before Deciding an Algorithm Is The Answer (EFF) — a simple 5-point checklist: 1. Will this algorithm influence—or serve as the basis of—decisions with the potential to negatively impact people’s lives? 2. Can the available data actually lead to a good outcome? 3. Is the algorithm fair? 4. How will the results (really) be used by humans? 5. Will people affected by these decisions have any influence over the system? (via BoingBoing)
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  4. OPUS — corpus of open translated texts (each text in the corpus is in two or more languages) for, e.g., training machine learning models.
  5. Danger of Drone Displays — all is good until they start falling from the skies. More detail in Gizmodo. (via IEEE Spectrum)
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