Four short links: 8 October 2018

Stripe Stats, Worker Ethics, FPGA Futures, and Internet Archive Stats

By Nat Torkington
October 8, 2018
  1. The Story of Stripe (Wired UK) — Over the past year, 65% of UK internet users and 80% of U.S. users have bought something from a Stripe-powered business.
  2. Tech Workers Want to Know: What Are We Building This For? (NYT) — about time. I see plenty of places mandating their young kids are taught coding. Who’s mandating their coders take ethics classes so they have an ability to think critically about the applications of what they develop?
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  4. Inference: The Future of FPGA (Next Platform) — Inference, which is almost exclusively run on Xeon servers in the data center these days, therefore represents maybe 1% of the workload in the server installed base and has driven a little less than 1% of the server spending, by our math. […] But as organizations figure out how to use machine learning frameworks to build neural networks and then algorithms that they embed into their applications, there will be a lot more inference going on, and this will become a representative workload driving a lot of chip revenues.
  5. Internet Archive Stats — 22PB of Internet Archive growing 4PB/y, including four million books, 200 million hours of broadcast news, and 300,000 playable classic video games, 1.5 billion pages crawled/week, 200 staffers.
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