Four short links: 8 October 2019

Visual AI Tools, Software Design, Image Processing Chains, and Music Player Firmware

By Nat Torkington
October 8, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. YellowbrickOpen source visual analysis and diagnostic tools to facilitate machine learning model selection.
  2. Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers: An Illustrated GuideExperts imagine how a design will work—simulating aspects of the envisioned software and how the different parts of the design support a variety of scenarios. When working with others, experts regularly walk through a design by verbalizing its operation step by step. When alone, they simulate mentally, exercising the design repeatedly over time. This fits with my sense of good programmers as good simulators.
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  4. ImagePlayA rapid prototyping tool for building and testing image processing algorithms. It comes with a variety of over 70 individual image processors that can be combined into complex process chains. ImagePlay is completely open source and can be built for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  5. RockboxA free replacement firmware for digital music players. It runs on a wide range of players.
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