Four short links: 9 July 2019

Future of Work, GRAND Stack, Hilarious Law Review Article, and The Platform Excuse

By Nat Torkington
July 9, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor (The Atlantic) — an interesting longform exploration of “the future of work” (aka automation, generalists, lifelong learning) in the context of the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship experiment. So much applicability to the business world (“experiment” becomes “must succeed flagship project” when CEO changes; chaos is opportunity to learn; etc.).
  2. GRANDstackGraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j.
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  4. The Most Important Law Review Article You’ll Never Read: A Hilarious (in the Footnotes) Yet Serious (in the Text) Discussion of Law Reviews and Law Professors (SSRN) — the best discussion of foolish academic publishing measures you’ll read today.
  5. The ‘Platform’ Excuse is Dieing (The Atlantic) — The platform defense used to shut down the why questions: Why should YouTube host conspiracy content? Why should Facebook host provably false information? Facebook, YouTube, and their kin keep trying to answer, “We’re platforms!” But activists and legislators are now saying, “So what?”
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