Four short links: 9 May 2018

Fact Verification Data Set, Forecasting Software, Image Enhancement, and Effective Teamwork

By Nat Torkington
May 9, 2018
  1. Fact Extraction and Verification Data Set Available — Amazon and University of Sheffield. The claims in the data set were generated manually by human annotators who extracted them from Wikipedia pages. False claims were generated by mutating true claims in a variety of ways, some of which were meaning-altering.
  2. Forecasting Cycle Time as a TeamI am sharing a script I use to facilitate forecasting the cycle time of a software product development initiative (not user stories, but initiatives, and only the time “in development”). (via John Cutler)
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  4. Learning to See in the Dark — using deep learning to enhance almost-no-light images, with astonishing results. Paper and source available. (via Oriol Vinyals)
  5. Effective Teamworka one-page summary of all the lessons I have learned having done these many team projects (and having been a culprit in bad teammwork innumerable times). Checks out.
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