Four short links: 9 November 2016

Lessons Learned, Large Data Sets, Julia Ports, and Light Worms

By Nat Torkington
November 9, 2016
  1. NASA Analyzing Lessons Learned with Graph Databasesat NASA, Neo4j and a graph visualization tool called Linkurious helped Meza’s team build an interface to explore the databases of lessons, finding documents relating to particular topics and even uncovering connections between disparate subjects.
  2. Practical Advice for the Analysis of Large Data Sets — good advice from the person who led the Data Science team at Google.
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  4. A Look at How Traders and Economists Are Using Julia — including the Fed’s model of the U.S. economy. FRBNY’s DSGE model—which is used for both forecasting and policy analysis—was run on Matlab. Please hold until my boggling finishes.
  5. World’s First Light WormThe worm spreads by jumping directly from one lamp to its neighbors, using only their built-in ZigBee wireless connectivity and their physical proximity. […] To make such an attack possible, we had to find a way to remotely yank already installed lamps from their current networks, and to perform over-the-air firmware updates. We overcame the first problem by discovering and exploiting a major bug in the implementation of the Touchlink part of the ZigBee Light Link protocol, which is supposed to stop such attempts with a proximity test. To solve the second problem, we developed a new version of a side-channel attack to extract the global AES-CCM key that Philips uses to encrypt and authenticate new firmware. We used only readily available equipment costing a few hundred dollars, and managed to find this key without seeing any actual updates. This demonstrates once again how difficult it is to get security right, even for a large company that uses standard cryptographic techniques to protect a major product.
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