Four short links: 9 October 2020

Stored Procedures in SQLite, Healthy Tech, Social Retro Gaming, and Glitch Chasm

By Nat Torkington
October 9, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. T-SQL in SQLiteCG/SQL is a code generation system for the popular SQLite library that allows developers to write stored procedures in a variant of Transact-SQL (T-SQL) and compile them into C code that uses SQLite’s C API to do the coded operations. CG/SQL enables engineers to create highly complex stored procedures with very large queries, without the manual code checking that existing methods require. (Open Source from Facebook)
  2. Four Myths of Healthy Tech(1) Social media is addictive, and we are powerless to resist it. The concept of addiction does not encompass the full range of pleasures, risks, and uses that people create with technology. (2) Technology companies can fix the problems they create with better technology. Some technology cannot be fixed by more design, and some technology should not be built at all. (3) Growth and engagement metrics are the best drivers of decision making at tech companies. Many of the most important parts of digital well-being cannot be captured by quantitative metrics. (4) Our health and well-being depend on spending less time with screens and social media platforms. Health and well-being cannot be reduced to the single variable of screen time. There’s detail to the alternatives presented to the myths, and it forms an interesting framework for thinking about “harmful social media”.
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  4. Telemelta web-based multi-emulator (RetroArch/libretro) designed to recreate the experience of playing console games with a single controller in a room full of friends.
  5. Glitch Chasm — After the 212-story skyscraper in Melbourne, there’s a chasm to an airfield in the centre of the earth. Presumably some bad data for the airfield’s elevation.
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