Four short links: 9 Sep 2020

Software Engineering, Architects and Plumbers, Pair Programming with AI, and Comments

By Nat Torkington
September 9, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Things I Learned to Become a Senior Software Engineer — Full of relatable growth moments, such as changing your code to make the test pass vs understanding why the test failed.
  2. The Future is Software Engineers Who Can’t Code“There are lot of definitions of what a developer is […] It’s not just people who write code.” […] Microsoft has even given these “civilian” programmers a persona: Mort. […] The fictional “Mort” is a skilled professional, anyone from a business analyst to a construction site cost estimator, who needs computers to perform specific functions without mastering the intricacies of full-blown programming. As Mel Conway called it, the profession is bifurcating into architects and plumbers. Architects make complex pieces of software, plumbers bolt those pieces together.
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  4. Pair Programming with AI — This makes sense to me: We don’t need complete, perfect solutions; we need partial solutions in situations where we don’t have all the information, and we need the ability to explore those solutions with an (artificially) intelligent partner.
  5. Writing System Software: Code Comments — Absolutely the best thing on software engineering that a software engineer will read all month. This is GOLD.
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