Highlights from the Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco 2017

Watch highlights covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, applied deep learning, and more. From the Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco 2017.

By Mac Slocum
September 19, 2017
Ben Lorica at the AI Conference in San Francisco 2017 Ben Lorica at the AI Conference in San Francisco 2017 (source: O'Reilly Conferences via Flickr)

Experts from across the AI world came together for the Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

Our Skynet moment

Tim O’Reilly says the algorithms that shape our economy must be rewritten if we want to create a more human-centered future.

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The inevitable merger of IQ and EQ in technology

Rana el Kaliouby lays out a vision for an emotion-enabled world of technology.

AI is the new electricity

Andrew Ng shares his thoughts on where the biggest opportunities in AI may lie.

Engineering the future of AI for businesses

Ruchir Puri addresses the opportunities and challenges of AI for business and focuses on what’s needed to scale AI across the breadth of enterprises.

The state of AI adoption

AI Conference chairs Ben Lorica and Roger Chen reveal the current AI trends they’ve observed in industry.

Deep learning to fight cancer: Fireside chat with Peter Norvig and Abu Qader

Peter Norvig speaks with Abu Qader, the 18-year-old CTO of GliaLab who taught himself machine learning and launched an AI company for breast cancer diagnostics.

How to escape saddlepoints efficiently

Michael Jordan discusses recent results in gradient-based optimization for large-scale data analysis.

Why democratizing AI matters: Computing, data, algorithms, and talent

Jia Li explains why a democratized approach to AI ensures that the components behind these technologies reach the widest possible audience.

AI mimicking nature: Flying and talking

Lili Cheng shares two examples of AI that were inspired by nature.

Accelerating AI

Steve Jurvetson examines the state of artificial intelligence.

Fireside chat with Naveen Rao and Steve Jurvetson

A discussion on the impact and opportunities of artificial intelligence.

Build smart applications with your new super power: Cloud AI

Philippe Poutonnet discusses how you can harness the power of machine learning, whether you have a machine learning team of your own or you just want to use machine learning as a service.

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