Highlights from the O’Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco 2017

Watch highlights covering design thinking, UX, interaction design, and more. From the O'Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco 2017.

By Mac Slocum
March 21, 2017
O'Reilly Design Conference stage O'Reilly Design Conference stage (source: O'Reilly Conferences via Flickr)

Experts from across the design world came together in San Francisco for the O’Reilly Design Conference. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

Design for 7 billion. Design for one.

Kat Holmes explores how designing for human diversity can unlock more meaningful experiences for each of us.

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The expanding perimeter: The evolution of design in Silicon Valley

Barry Katz explains how design has evolved from packaging electronics in sheet metal enclosures in the 1950s to grappling with some of the most fundamental problems of modern civilization.

The UX of buildings, cities, and infrastructure

Dan Hill explores creating great user experience for buildings and cities.

Determining success in design

Julie Zhuo discusses definitions of success in design and shares a few principles on how to set clear goals.

How is design driving outcomes?

Doug Powell explains how IBM’s design transformation is shaping the company.

Fireside chat with Irene Au and Ivy Ross

Khosla Ventures’ Irene Au and Google’s Ivy Ross discuss the future of hardware design, how to design products with soul, and lessons on design leadership.

Working backwards

Alan Cooper outlines his process for working backwards: taking the time to ask the hard questions before wading into new territory.

Should designers. . .? New design skills from coding to Agile, process, and more

Dan Mall shares perspectives on whether designers should code (yes!), how designers can fit into Agile workflows, and more.

Government services that work for people

Jennifer Pahlka says poor service design can have devastating consequences for vulnerable people in our country, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fireside chat with John Allspaw and Randy Hunt

Etsy’s John Allspaw and Randy J. Hunt discuss the practices that have helped their tech and design teams evolve together.

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